SAA Services, LLC
Samson (Sammy) A Ayo, III
Fabrication, Welding, & Inspection/Quality Control Services
American Welding Society Certfied Welding Inspector
27 Years Of Experience In Fabrication, Welding, & Mechanical Installations

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SAA Services, LLC is privately owned by Samson (Sammy) A Ayo, III. Sammy has been in the fabrication and welding industry, professionally, for 27 years, since 1989, after he was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy. Sammy has fabricated and welded on oil field  & refinery piping and structure, ships, fire trucks, military vehicles & water crafts, & oil field cranes & parts, just to name some of the different areas he has extensive experience in. He was welded on and fabricated with carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel & super duplex, titanium, copper nickel, and others. SAA Services, LLC believes in safety first & getting the project completed accurately the first time and delivering the product to the customer in a timely and cost effective manner. Sammy received his American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector certificate on Dec. 1, 2013 and provides welding and quality control services.

Fabrication & Welding Services

Welding & Quality Control Services

Fabrication & welding of, virtually, any piping & structural projects, from all carbon steel, aluminum, and alloys, that can be loaded on a truck and shipped to our customers
Welding, fabrication, & piping & structural installation quality control services.
Brand new 1920 square feet facility with 960 square feet totally enclosed and the other 960 square feet under roof, on 15.3 acres of property with plenty of room to expand to meet our customers' needs. Equipped with GTAW (TIG) AC&DC, FCAW (Flux Cored), GMAW (MIG/Hard Wire/Aluminum), SMAW (Stick), Plasma Arc Cutting, & Oxygen/Fuel Cutting capabilities.